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Robben Ford Instruction Videos

Robben Ford and Rick Honeyboy HartBack in the late 80’s and early 90’s, oh so long ago, Robben Ford was peaking as a blues guitarist. He had some killer CD’s, some of which were my favorites. These included Talk To Your Daughter and Robben Ford and The Blue Line. I still play some of those songs from these albums with my band. He was a big inspiration and his brand of jazzy blues is still close to my musical heart.

Now these videos aren’t for the beginner. Robben plays pretty jazzy blues with lots of advanced chords and scales. But if you’re sick of learning simple blues and have a taste for the jazzier stuff like me, you may really dig these videos.

By the way. That’s me with Robben on that picture on the right. He came to the local guitar store to do a clinic back in the late 90’s. Way cool seeing him up close doing a small clinic.

Anyway, Robben had a series of videos he did for REH back then. These are heavy on the playing and a little light on instruction and theory. I believe he assumed that beginners weren’t going to be using these videos. Still these videos are excellent and I learn something every time I watch them.

At any rate, these videos are now pretty accessible on YouTube. I’ve collected a few and put them here on this page. This is many hours of great blues guitar instruction that will keep you moving forward with your playing for a long time.

If you would like to learn more about Robben Ford you can take a look at this page on my website.

Plus he now has his own instructional website called his Guitar Dojo. Check it out here.

Playin The Blues – This Is A Good Basic Blues Introduction

Back To The Blues II

Prisoner Of Love Jam

Lesson and D’addario String Promo – Still Good Stuff

Finding Your Place In The Groove

Blues/Jazz Chords

Very interesting video of Robben talking about his time with Miles Davis, Jimmy Witherspoon, and Joni Mitchell

You can find more TrueFire videos for Robben Ford here. And here’s some more videos from YouTube

Check Out JamPlay’s Free Videos Here

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