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This is the Jimmy Griswold Band doing a gig at Joli Mons in Dunedin Florida. He’s usually 3-piece but Rick Honeyboy Hart is sitting in on this one on the left guitar.

This “skip shuffle” tune is a great example of not a well-known style of shuffle. It’s also known as a “wet shuffle” or a “flat tire shuffle”. Whatever you call it it’s a great, high-energy style of shuffle and as a guitarist you better be able to keep up with the fast tempo. Jimmy Griswold gets it done here with a super solo.

Also this type of shuffle will add some variety to your set list and if you play a lot of shuffles it will break things up and give your sets some depth. There are many types of blues shuffles and each is unique and often sound best at certain tempos. We’ll talk more about types of shuffles you should understand later.

To hear more from Jimmy Griswold check out his Reverb Nation page here. You can hear more of Rick Honeyboy Hart at his website here.

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