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Occasionally site visitors will ask me to review a song or a video. That’s what happened with Phillip Foxley. He seems to only have this one song on video but it’s a nice song. This video is not really blues but it certainly has some blues “feeling” to the song. And check out his ReverbNation site to hear other songs which have a bit more of a blues feel to them. He brings to mind Pink Floyd a bit. And you can certainly say David Gilmour has a lot of blues influences in his playing. He definitely comes from the British school of blues rock, a la Robin Trower, Gary Moore, and maybe Rory Gallagher.

The video is actually very cool. He uses the concept of recording the song in a late-night session as the “theme” of the video. Not sure if he used a professional video company to do it but it came out extremely professional. It’s just plain cool. It’s a great way to present a song on video without getting into telling a whole story. It is an instrumental so I guess there’s not much of a story. But I do love the way he edits the video.

Well enough talk… Let’s give Phillip a watch and a listen and maybe give him some feedback on his song.

If you’d like to hear more you can visit him on his ReverbNation site here.

Here’s a bit from his bio…

“Hailing from Conwy, North Wales UK, Phillip Foxley is a songwriter and guitarist with many years of experience on stage and as a recording session player, often producing his own tracks in his home studio.

The story began way back in the 70s, when he first picked up the guitar having been influenced by a diverse range of artists and bands like David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Mountain (Leslie West) and many of the Blues greats. Initially, he was playing local clubs and bars, but soon found himself as a member of a number of established house bands and in regular studio sessions. He also found time to develop his signature sound, a blend of blues, rock and acoustic guitar and to write original material.

From an original demo recorded in 1982 at the legendary but now defunct Cargo Studios in Manchester, CBS, a major US record label at the time, expressed strong interest in licensing some of the songs for their own artists, although ultimately this didn’t lead to anything significant in the end.

Then, for many reasons, life moved on and music took a near thirty year hiatus, until in August 2011, a colleague invited Phillip to a formal institute dinner (Phillip is a Chartered Design Engineer) and, knowing he used to play guitar, placed him at a table with other musicians. Well! after (quite) a few beers, attention soon turned to a deep discussion about guitars, amps and amusing playing experiences etc.. What a night! This was a revelation that re-ignited his passion for playing original, self penned Blues Rock music.

So, in November 2011, after writing several new songs and setting up a basic home studio to record them, Phillip released his first eclectic ep “One song is all you need …”, a collection of tracks spanning the artist’s favourite own compositions over the years. However, Phillip soon realized that his home studio has limitations in both overall sound quality and production capability, so the tracks on the ep are to be re-worked, together with new vocal material in a pro studio for Phillip’s début album, coming in 2012. Phillip said, “this feels like a new beginning and a long way to go, but I’m greatly encouraged and inspired by the fan support I’ve received so far … Stay tuned!”

Let him know what you think. I find him very interesting and easy to listen to. This guy clearly has some chops.

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