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This quick video lesson teaches you a nice lick you can use over the V-IV-I turnaround that happens in every blues song. You can actually use parts of it when playing over the V and the IV chord as well. It’s great in a Chicago Shuffle or just about any standard shuffle tune.

Now this is not a beginner lesson, so don’t feel bad if you can’t do it now. You will get to it when you are ready. And it’s worth looking at just to see where you have to go.

The lick comes from a Stevie Ray Vaughan song called Honeybee. The video below shows you what the song sounds like. Notice the lick in the very beginning of the song. In fact, notice how many of these licks are common to many of Vaughan’s songs. You’ll hear these licks in Pride And Joy and Look at Little Sister all over the place. You can see he uses a pretty standard vocabulary of licks that he uses over and over.

What’s the lesson from that? Develop your own vocabulary of blues licks for various types of songs. Start with the familiar ones you like and then develop your own. Learn them so well you can play them in your sleep.

But be careful… you don’t want to just sound like someone else.

This video comes from which I highly recommend.

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