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Beginner Blues Guitar Basics

blues guitar studentIf you want to learn to play blues guitar you have to start at the beginning. That means the very basic stuff like…

  • Holding your guitar
  • Tuning your guitar
  • Using a pick
  • Your first chords
  • Your first song

Yes, the beginning or learning to play guitar is the hard part. Getting over those first “humps” may take a little time. Believe me it does get better and easier. Hang in there and keep plugging. You’ll get there.

These free lessons come from It’s the online guitar lessons I recommend. Here’s good course on Beginning Blues Guitar I highly recommend with Jeff Hamburger. Click on this link to take a look on

Here’s some free videos on guitar basics you can view right here…

Tuning Your Guitar

Holding Your Guitar

Understanding Song Keys

Your First Chord

Fretting The Strings

Understanding Beats and Measures

Using A Pick

Your First Song

Changing Guitar Strings

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