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As a long-time blues guitarist I’ve had many amps over the years. Probably in the neighborhood of 20 different amps.

And I’m not as bad as many of my fellow blues guitar-playing friends. Many have lots of guitars and lots of amps. Some have 20 amps “right now.”

I’m OK about guitars though. I only have 2 electric guitars, and that’s all I’ve had for many years.

But amps are a different story. I’m always looking for a new one. You know… one that sounds better, or like that great tone I heard on some song or album. That elusive magic tone that I talk about on this page.

It’s a disease really.

Take my Fender Pro Reverb that I had for sale on this page.

I had to use it last night at a gig because my Fender Super Champ that I love wasn’t going to be loud enough. I was kind of forced into using the Pro because I just couldn’t find any other way to get the Champ loud enough (short of micing it).

Anyway when I used it I totally changed my mind about selling it. The sound was perfect for my style. It had great tone and great versatility… just like I remembered… or should I say forgot.

Why Was I Going To Sell It?

Well I knew I liked the amp. But it is heavy. It weighs 75 pounds which is a lot for any combo amp. A Fender Twin… the monster of all Fender combo amps, is only 5 lbs heavier… 80 lbs… and it has two 12″ speakers.

And to be honest, I haven’t used the amp in about 7 years. I haven’t been playing any large rooms at jams where I had to be loud, so to be honest, I pretty much had forgotten why I liked the amp. So I figured I’d just sell it.

And I’ve done this before. I’ve sold some great amps over the years. Amps I wish I still had.

I always regretted selling later.

I almost did it again.

So What’s My Problem?

I think this is just a disease that many musicians have. It even has a name and an acronym.

GAS or Gear Acquisition Syndrome!

OK I admit. I’ve got it.

So how do I get rid of it?


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