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Jimmy Griswold’s regular Tuesday night jam at StingRays Bar and Grill in Clearwater was special this night. Sitting in on drums was the great Joe Renda. On bass, the super-solid Jay Goldman was in attendance. And Griz himself was in his usual great form.

I recorded all of the first 2 sets for your listening and viewing pleasure this night. The lighting was not good so the visual part of he video is not great. But who wants to see these lugs anyways.

The sound however is excellent, and that is what’s important.

Also sitting in tonight was Tom on sax, myself, Rick Honeyboy Hart, and Mickey, Brian, Richey, and Ray.

But the real point is…

If you’re looking for a good blues jam, this is one you ought to put on your dance card. StingRays Bar and Grill is a warm, friendly place and the food is supposed to be excellent. London Phil, the owner, is a great guy and will certainly make you feel welcome.

And Jimmy does his best to get everyone up, while still keeping the music fun to listen to. So all are welcome.

Griz jams at StingRays every Tuesday night from 8:30 to 12:00 or so.

And if you are just a blues lover and not a player, I bet you’ll have a great time too. Check out the music from this night. You probably won’t find a better band anywhere than what Griz had on this night… at twice the price. OK it was free… but you get my drift.

And to keep up with Jimmy Griswold’s other gigs visit his page on Facebook or ReverbNation.

Enjoy the videos…

Set 1 Part 1

Set 1 Part 2

Set 2

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