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Another great Tuesday night at StingRays with Jimmy Griswold and company. This one was special because it was Jimmy’s and my birthday (those 2 handsome guys on the right). Ya we were both born on February 5th. Of course a few years apart… but it’s still a great excuse for a party.

And what a party it was.

Jimmy Griswold

Birthday Boy

London Phil, the owner at StingRays, pulled out all the stops. He had decorations, cake and jello shots for all. Really Phil is great and deserves all our support. A club owner like him is a blessing to all musicians. And everyone keeps raving about the food at StingRays. Go check it out!

But the highlight of StingRays, as my wife said, who was there for the first time…

“Everyone is so nice.”

Yes it’s a very comfortable place, with great servers and bartenders, and you can just tell everyone was having a great time.

And The Music

Anytime, Joe Renda sits in on drums it’s a special night. Joe is one of the best drummers in the Tampa Bay area, if not the southeast. So the music always cooks when he’s there. Catch him in the first and second videos.

But all the jammers were hot that night. And a big crowd showed up including…

  • Jay Goldman on bass
  • Tom Mignella on sax
  • Bob Milo on guitar
  • Joe Ish on guitar
  • Al Razz on bass
  • Steve King guitar
  • John Thomas drums
  • Lee Shivley on drums
  • Richie on guitar
  • Bill McLees on guitar
  • Greg Sabol on bass
  • Brian on sax
  • KSue Drumastay on percussion
  • Jerry Chase on drums
  • Larry McKinnon on congas
  • And lots of other great players who I didn’t get their names… sorry.

And many great players didn’t get to play. It was just too much of a night. Sorry guys and gals.

And thanks to the folks who just came out to enjoy the music and dance. You know who you are.

And a special thanks to Lee Stelling for some amazing pictures from the night. You can see his picts on his Facebook page here.

I got video from just about the whole night so…


Set 1A – A shuffle with Rick, Griz, Joe, Jay, and Tom.

Set 1B – Rick, Griz, Joe, Jay, Tom and Larry on congas.

Set 2 – Bill McLees, Lee Shivley, Richie, unknown bass player and then Griz with Bob Milo, Rich on bass, Jeff on drums and KSue, and Larry banging the percussion

Set 3 – with Blue Lightning with Joe Ish, Al Raz, Steve King, John Thomas and then a group with Griz, Bob Milo, Jerry Chase, Greg Sabal, Tom, Brian, unknown trumpet

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