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Had another great jam with Jimmy Griswold at StingRay’s Bar and Grill on 2-12-13. Griz had some competition from the Dunedin Mardi Gras parade but a great time was still had by all.

In attendance this night was the super solid Steve Way on drums and Jay Goldman holding everyone together on bass (as usual)… along with the usual cast of characters…

  • Tom Mignella on sax
  • Rick Honeyboy Hart on guitar
  • Brian Leneschmidt on guitar
  • Lee Shively on drums
  • Ray Wright on bass
  • Dave Dube
  • Jason Lewis
  • Donny DaLee on guitar
  • Pedro on trumpet
  • Greg Sabol on bass
  • Joe on guitar
  • Sorry if I missed anyone else!


The first video is of the Brian Leneschmidt Band and you can see these guys have done this before. A very nice set with a mix of covers and originals I believe. Brian is a regular around town and you can learn more about him here.

The second video is a true gem with Pedro blowing some Miles Davis style licks on muted trumpet. Very cool. And the always “out there with style” Donny on guitar. Definitely give this video a listen.

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