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T.C. Carr is a Tampa Bay area harp player. He had one of the best bands in town for a long time called T.C. Carr and The Catch. They were a semi-national blues act with several great albums back in the late ’90s.

He hasn’t played much in several years so I try and catch him whenever he ventures out. On this show and had Damon Fowler’s great band backing him up. So that always makes it a special occasion. You can catch up on this great young blues guitarist here.

This gig was a low-key affair at Jim’s Harley Davidson in St. Pete Florida. Every year around Christmas Jim puts on a “toy run” and all the local Harley riders take a little tour around St. Pete and the beaches to drum up support for Jim’s toy drive he has to raise money for underprivileged kids. As part of the festivities Jim has a little shindig in back of his store and has a BBQ roast and some nice music too. This year he had about 2500 hundred riders doing the run.

Anyway, T.C. Carr got Damon to back him up and they did a little jammin on some great old blues numbers and some classics. It was lose and high-energy as you would imagine when you get these great players together.

Damon had his regular 3-piece band there including Chuck Riley on bass and James “Big Country” Mcknight on drums. The mode was strictly “jammin with T.C.” today and Damon didn’t do any of his great originals that he usually plays with his band. Each of the leaders took turns calling out the song to be played. So you got to hear a couple of blues classics that you don’t usually get to hear them play.

Anyway, enough talk…. time for music.

One Way Out

Born in Chicago

Get Behind The Mule

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