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Caught Steve Arvey and The Delta Swamp Rats at The Palladium in St. Pete on Saturday March 23rd. They opened for Selwyn Birchwood and his band. More on that part of the show later.

Now I’ve known Steve Arvey for a couple of years but never really caught one of his shows before even though I tried. And with Steve you never know what you will get. I mean that in a good way. He has several different band formats depending on which persona he is representing.

  • He has an 8-10-piece, big band format with horns
  • He does a solo acoustic gig. This is his “island” format where he plays a lot of “beach” music. He calls that persona “Stone Crab Steve”
  • He does a jazz thing and a jam
  • He does a blues power trio
  • And there’s probably others I’m not hip to yet…

He really should change his name to Steve Chameleon, because he can do so many things.

Actually I think he makes it up as he goes and the band configuration and name can change from gig to gig, depending on who he is playing with and the type of venue. But it all keeps it very interesting and exciting. You never know what you will get… again in a good way.

About Steve

This from his website

“The career of Steve Arvey spans about three decades. Few performers are as traveled, experienced, or as magnetic without having been thrust into the Spotlight by the major players of the World Entertainment Industry.

Steve has performed all over Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

He’s been lauded by some of the toughest critics in the genre’s of music he performs.

Few performers can match his showmanship and the joy he brings to his audience because as a performer, while he’s on stage he’s having so much fun, the folks watching can’t help but be effected by the sheer verve of the man.

There’s never a dull moment onstage as Steve shifts through the various styles of popular Rock and Blues. He always delivers a top performance. Whether as a soloist or fronting one of the tight band units he’s famed for bringing to the stage. – Brian Sidler/Publicist – Worldwide TMA”

That about sums it up and I totally agree.

This particular night and incarnation was his rootsy blues configuration, The Delta Swam Rats, where he plays acoustic blues and features his “cigar box” slide guitar playing. The band inclues him on various guitars and vocals, with harp and drums. Drums were played by Aaron Fowler, the local legend, and harp was supplied by Tony Smith.

The show was excellent and the crowd loved it. But you be the judge.


Intro and first song…

Main set…

Last song…

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