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Southern Hospitality At Bradenton Blues Festival December 1, 2012

If you haven’t heard of Southern Hospitality yet you soon will. They are a south eastern based blues roots band that is made up of some of the best young players around.

The band is made up of Tampa-based Damon Fowler on guitar, Memphis-based Victor Wainwright on keyboards, and south Florida-based J.P. Soars on guitar. Each is a successful solo artist in their own right but came together to form this “super group” after meeting each other at various festivals and venues around the south east.

Actually it was Damon Fowler’s idea to form the group and when he contacted Soars and Wainwright about the idea they enthusiastically agreed to give it a go.

Their first big show was at the Heritage Blues Festival back in August of 2011 and the great response convinced them they did the right thing. The rest is history as they say.

This past weekend they appeared at the Bradenton Blues Festival. I was lucky enough to catch them for the first time and now see what the big fuss from my blues-loving friends was all about. These guys together are awesome. Why? Because not only are they great players but they know how to play together. Each lets the other have the spotlight when it’s their turn and the others turn into the best back-up band imaginable. Talk about SYNERGY in capitol letters.

The band is rounded out by a great rhythm section too. Damon’s long-time bassist Chuck Riley and Soar’s drummer Chris Peet complete a band that has the great combination of chops and taste. No one overplays and the song is in the forefront of the playing. These guys “get it” and know how to play as one.

Anyway, enough talk. Here’s the proof. Sorry about the sound. I forgot my wind shield on this day. But I’ll be back for more so watch for new videos the next time they come around.

Mellow Kind of Way (not sure of title)

I’ve Been Changed (this is in 2 parts)

Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee

Gypsy Woman

To contact Southern Hospitality you can reach them through Damon’s website or Facebook page.

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