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You know Selwyn Birchwood right? He just won the International Blues Challenge in Memphis held by The Blues Foundation. Here’s the page on the Blues Foundation website announcing it.

If you don’t know Selwyn, he’s a young, 27 year-old, blues guitarist out of Tampa. He’s been around for a few years and working his way up. He’s had a great year and winning the IBC was the “high water mark” so far in his career.

Selwyn Birchwood wins IBC Albert King Award

Selwyn Birchwood wins IBC Albert King Award and This Gibson Guitar

He also won the Albert King “Best Guitarist” award in the competition this year, and got himself the Gibson 335 you see in this picture as well as a Category 5 amp.

Yes it’s been a good year for our local boy here in Tampa Florida, Selwyn Birchwood.

So we all were eagerly awaiting his show at the Palladium Sidedoor venue on March 23rd. This is one of the best places to see an artist perform. The room only holds about 150 people and if you can get close to the stage you can see some great players “up close and personal.” And the sound is always good. I videos Southern Hospitality there a couple of months ago and video and show was awesome.

And the always interesting Steve Arvey and his Delta Swamp Rats opened the show. Videos here.

And Selwyn’s show this night did not disappoint. The band was hot and the crowd was with him. It was the first time I got to really hear Selwyn doing his thing, so I do admit I was anxious to see what all the talk was about. Like I said… he did not disappoint.

And about the band…

The fact is, that without his band Selwyn might not be doing as well as he is. They are clearly the cream of the crop when it comes to blues musicians. And it’s obvious they are older and wiser than Selwyn when it comes to the blues. I’m sure they’ve been a big part of his education and a big reason for his success. The band includes Huff Wright on bass, Curtis Nutall on drums, and Reggie Oliver on baritone sax. This band is truly special

But again, you be the judge.

Here’s Selwyn’s website if you’d like to learn more about him and catch his next show.


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