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Just some videos from a great local band in the Tampa Bay area. Every time I see Off The Cuff I wonder why more people don’t talk about them. I guess it’s because they are trying to make a living playing music and that means sometimes they have to play “cover tunes.” That means they may not be “hip” to the blues fans. But if they ever decided to do their own thing… well who knows. It’s tough to “make it” playing originals or being “hip”.

If you get to one of their gigs on a slow night, they’ll break out the jazz tunes from people like Return to Forever and Billie Holiday… and who knows what else. Not many bands in town can pull off that stuff.

But the point is this is a “musician’s band.” These are some of the best musician’s in town. Other musicians should be going to see them just to learn. That’s what I intend to do every chance I get.

By the way the band includes Lori Cherry on vocals, Rick Steuart on Keys, Dennis Mones on drums, and Daniel Navarro on bass. Check em out. They play at the various Ceviche’s all the time. Their schedule is here.

Here’s some videos…

Chain, Chain, Chain

I’ll Be Around

Use Me

Jammin’ (sorry don’t know the name, but a great bass and drum solo)

Good Morning Heartache

For the complete set of new videos you can go to my YouTube Channel here. And there’s more Off The Cuff videos here.

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