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OK I know she’s starting to think I’m a stalker. But I just love this band. And don’t tell Betty, but one of the main reasons I go to see them is to watch Josh Nelms on guitar. There I said it.

But the truth is it’s just a great band. Every time I see them I appreciate Matt Walker, the bass player, and Sam Farmer, the drummer, more and more. They play very well together and are just a great band. Am I starting to repeat myself?

This particular night they played a club in St. Petersburg called The World of Beer. I guess this is a chain that is pretty well known, and I suspect music is not there reason for existing. It’s to sell beer. And it shows in the presentation.

The band sets up in a bit of a corner, on the floor, in front of a large window. It’s far from perfect for the band. In fact, the sound is controlled by the club management. The first few songs the vocal was way too soft, but they did make it better after that.

All and all the band sounded good through the system.

Me and my wife and friends got there for the first set at 9:00. The club was pretty dead then but within a short time it had turned into a full-blown singles scene. Lot’s of 20-something’s on the prowl. Luckily there was also a contingent of young people who seemed to love the blues, so Betty and band got a good reception.

I thought the band was hot this night. But you be the judge. I got most of the first 2 sets on video here.


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