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If you love T.C. Carr’s music like I do, I bet you will appreciate it even more after you read this story.

For me, T.C. Carr and his band The Catch were a big reason I got back into playing music again. Back in the 90’s they were probably the best blues band in town here in the Tampa Bay area. But of course, to me they were more than just a local blues band. They had world-class chops and a couple of recordings that proved it.

But the band seemed to disappear in the early 2000’s and I heard T.C. was kind of burnt out and left the blues scene. Of c0urse, every once and a while there would be a T.C. Carr sighting and he’d sit in with local bands from time-to-time.

But recently he did seem to be around more than usual and sitting in often with some of his old band mates from over the years. That was great news to me!

But I just found out that T.C. had a life-changing experience in June of this year. The fact is, he almost died while on a vacation with his family. Somehow I never heard about it until I went to see him play at the Hideaway Cafe in St. Petersburg where he does a bi-weekly jam. He didn’t say anything directly about it, but he did hint at “coming back” from something and that he was feeling better. After posting a video I made of the show, I sent him an email and he shared the story with me. He had actually sent this email to his email list of fans and friends…

Dear friends

This is to let you know what has been going on with me. Many people have not heard about this or they may have heard some rumors. I wanted this whole “experience” kept on the low side of publicity and I appreciate my family doing so.  Also I think factual information as opposed to rumors is very important.

I realize this was a defining moment in my life.  People will be asking me questions about it from now on. The links below to the (St Augustine Record) well help answer some of them.

T.C. Carr and Bolts of Blue Band at Skipper's Smokehouse July 30, 2013

T.C. Carr and Bolts of Blue Band at Skipper’s Smokehouse July 30, 2013

I am getting better daily and I will be bouncing back, playing music and living life large again soon.  I am truly blessed.  It was just not my time.

I appreciate every day, all my friends and family more than ever.

I want to thank everyone for their healing thoughts and prayers.


Here’s the link to the article he is referring to.

Just goes to show that life is precious and every moment should be taken as a gift.

I have a feeling that going to see T.C. play from now on will be a moving experience… especially for T.C. Carr.

I know, for me, I will be grateful that I will continue to be able to see him play… hopefully for a long, long time.

And your next chance will be at Skipper’s Smokehouse on July 30th for a special concert with T.C. Carr and The Bolts of Blue Band. I think that one will be a must-see show.

And you can learn more about T.C. here on his website.

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