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If you have a subscription to Blues Revue Magazine you may have noticed that for the last year the issues have not been coming on time. I forget the actual timing, but I didn’t receive my Issue #135 with Tab Benoit on the cover, until well into the spring of 2013. That was supposed to be the July/Aug 2012 issues. And issues have been coming sporadically ever since. I got issue #137, with Gary Clark on the cover in May 2013 though it sequentially should have been Nov/Dec 2012.

Actually in the last year, communications from the company online have been… well… strange.

Then I received this on May 17, 2013 via email…

“MojoWax Media Inc. has severed ties with Visionation, Blues Revue and Publisher Charles Eagle. We are no longer responsible for publishing Blues Revue.

We are now publishing Blues Music Magazine in both print and digital format. The production staff of Jack Sullivan, Art Tipaldi, Andrew Miller, and Kyle Morris are all a part of the MojoWax Media team and will continue to produce this new outstanding Blues Music Magazine.

MojoWax Media is pleased to announce that many of the incredible writers and photographers whose work have appeared in Blues Revue have joined our team.”

It also said…

“We cannot speak to the status of Blues Revue, but we will be sending all current Blues Revue subscribers Blues Music Magazine. All booked advertising will appear in this issue and future ads booked will appear according to the schedule.”

Meanwhile I have not received any print publications from either entity for several months.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out something’s going on with Blues Revue. But finding out exactly what is a bit frustrating. There’s nothing online discussing the situation. A search for “blues revue changes” brings up nothing about changes.

And a search for “Blues Music Magazine” does bring up their website. Although nothing is said on the site about Blues Revue. And the new issue of the Blues Music Magazine, with Ruthie Foster on the cover, has not arrived and there is no digital version on the site.

What will actually be happening is still up in the air. But if I had to guess… I think Blues Revue will be going away and Blues Music Magazine will be taking it’s place. Although nothing is said on the Blues Revue website. Most of the writers and advertisers from Blues Revue have already jumped ship to BMM so it’s probably just a matter of time. And I know there is some litigation going on… so it may take some time before the dust settles.

Unfortunately, the losers in this are the subscription holders who miss the magazine and miss being able to keep up with the blues world. I for one, can’t wait for things to get finalized.

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