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Fender Pro Tube Pro Reverb Amp

pro-reverbThis amp was only offered for a few years back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. You can’t buy it anymore. Not sure what that means but I liked it when I was using it. I bought it in around 2002.

This is the amp I used for about 4 years in the early stages of my Honeyboy Band, from roughly 2002 to 2006. You can hear it on my album Live From The Hive here on my band website.

I only stopped using it because I got sick of carrying it around (it weighs 75 pounds). I now use my Super Champ XD exclusively.

What I Like

  • Great versatility while still having that great Fender clean tone.
  • The overdrive channel sounds great but is a bit “over the top” when cranked. I had the gain on 2-3 most of the time.
  • It sounds great with a Tube Screamer on either channel.

What I Didn’t Like

It was too heavy (75 lbs) for this old guy

It sometimes made noise but that’s probably because I wheeled it around too much. Tube amps don’t like being wheeled around on asphalt and bumpy surfaces. Tubes can’t take it and need to be treated gently. I learned that the hard way.

Fender Pro Tube Pro Reverb (back panel)

Fender Pro Tube Pro Reverb (back panel)

Amp Features (Musician’s Friend description)

All-tube 50-watt combo amp features tube reverb and tremolo.

12″ Jensen C12N driver beautifully projects the crystalline tones of the Blackface-style normal channel, and the incendiary lead sounds of the drive channel. 1/4-power switch lets you get full tube warmth at lower volume. 4-button footswitch puts total command at your feet. Part of Fender’s first generation of amps with tremolo and high-gain channel switching. Full-featured effects loop.


  • Fifty watts/all tube
  • 12″ Jensen C12N driver
  • Normal and drive channels, footswitchable
  • Reverb and Tremelo, footswitchable
  • 1/4-power switch
  • Weight 75 lbs
  • Tubes: Two-6L6GC, Two-12AX7A, Five-12AX7WA, One-12AT7
  • Manual and cover included

Reviews on Musician’s Friend (average rating was 4.5 out of 5 with 10 reviews)

“Great amp with classic Blackface tone in the clean channel and a bit more gritty in the drive channel. Quarter-power switch is a great feature that, while at low volumes isn’t too noticeable, makes a big difference when the amp’s cranked. Tremolo is good and the tube driven effects loop and reverb are great. Would have been nice if the stock tubes were of a bit higher quality but it’s only the 2 12AX7As (reverb and loop drivers) that were disappointing.”

“Great tube sound for blues, I had a Hot rod 212 and never got the full rich sound I wanted. This had it from the first note. 1/4 switch has great sound and perfect for band practice.”

“Been using Fender amps since early ’60s. This Pro Reverb ‘All Tube’ seems to have the sweet tone ability to get it from my ’53 Tele! Two chan – clean & dist. plus 1/4 power, should cover most any gig situation. Nice features in back – bias adj. panel, send/receive, amp in/out, 4-button footswitch. Heavy maple-ply cabinet, and a good ol’ Jensen speaker – my sentiments exactly!!”

“The distortion rocks like no other. And with the click of a button the nicest sharpest clean. Plus stunning reverb and great acoustic effects.”

More reviews here…

Bottom line is I really like this amp but only use it when I have a gig that requires more volume or more presence.

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